Antina Promotions is a marketing company that helps marketers, business owners and organizations connect with their target audience by creating awareness of their brand in creative ways that will help them stand out, get noticed in their niche, and ultimately get more business.

We are determined advocates for your brand and we partner with you to increase visibility, memorability and success by helping you from creative to fulfillment on all your marketing initiatives.

Whether this looks like helping you increase sales, customers or brand awareness, as a result of working with Antina as your strategic marketing partner, we help you determine the best solutions for your company so you can achieve maximized results.


Below are the services we offer that can help you “Be Bold, Think BIG and Stand Out!”:

We believe every marketing dollar you spend should give you a return on investment.  Period.  Introducing Antina Campaigns – Promotional Marketing Campaign Strategy consulting to help you integrate promotional products into your existing marketing campaign or any new marketing initiative you are trying to pursue in a targeted way that will give you those juicy measurable results.

If you are hosting a live event or exhibiting at a trade show without an Event Promotion Strategy, you are probably losing 1000’s of dollars.  Event Maximizer will help you create an Event Promotion Strategy that will increase your visibility and maximize ROI.

Sometimes, you need to simply purchase promotional merchandise. That’s quite alright! Antina Promotions works with quality suppliers with products that not only make you look professional, but make you look good, too (that is part of branding, right?)!

For awesome tools, tips, tricks and all things marketing, marketing strategy, branding, and all other fun things that bring you more clients and more money, check out our blog!

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