After working in the promotional products industry for some time before I started Antina Promotions with my husband, I quickly noticed the value of promotional items was understated by many people who used them.

What I noticed is many people think it’s about just buying “stuff” and getting the lowest price.

This is a very dangerous approach and a great way to burn money (not to mention your budget).

That is why we decided to be a lot different than many others in the promotional product industry.

We decided it was time to partner with our clients – be a dedicated advocate to help them stop going through the motions of simply having something with a logo on it (to give it a home in your closet to waste your marketing dollars), and start creating beautiful brand experiences for their clients that are targeted and strategic with measurable results.


Who We Are

At Antina Promotions, we are brand strategists who help business owners, entrepreneurs and other organizations connect with their ideal clients to generate leads, drive sales and create high touch, high value and high impact brand experiences that increase client loyalty and advocacy while creating a more memorable brand.

We are audience connectors serving you with brand strategy, simplicity and intuitive understanding.  We believe that “winging it” doesn’t cut it and a clear strategy is key to memorability and growth.

With our knowledge, collaboration and guidance, it is possible to maximize results to create a bigger and better brand, because unique action = reaction = results.

The reason why we do what we do:

to help companies develop their business and create a unique brand that ultimately stands out and gets results.

What We Do

We partner with you to increase visibility, memorability and success by helping you from creative to fulfillment on your campaigns. Whether this looks like helping you increase leads, sales or client appreciation/loyalty and advocacy, we believe in helping you achieve a positive ROI on all your campaigns.

While providing you with creative promotional merchandise may be an option, we also offer our “Antina Campaigns” service that help you identify your marketing challenges, goals, target audience, and all other campaign parameters tied together with a strategy that can give you measurable results.

Our signature “Event Maximizer” program that helps you create an Event Promotion strategy that will increase your visibility and ROI at your next live event or trade show.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide companies with the tools and resources they need for business development and growth, and to inspire companies to maximize results with brand experience campaigns and strategies that help them stand out.

Our Superpowers

Our superpowers are intuition and attention to detail. We see things other people don’t see and we see the things they may have overlooked.  Just like a puzzle, we find the missing piece to level up your marketing and ultimately your business.

Our Mission

As advocates for your brand, we believe you should achieve a positive ROI on your marketing campaigns.

Our mission is to help keep you from falling into the expensive traps of buying “stuff” and to provide you with marketing strategies and solutions that will help you stand out, get noticed in your niche and maximize results.


Because promotional items are one of the (if not “the”) most effective marketing tools in your marketing toolbox.

And we know how to use them!

Our Audience

If you have used promotional items before and are looking to move them out of storage and into the hands of your target audience with a strategic plan (to build your brand, grow your business, increase customers, increase business, etc) that gives measurable results…

We would love to work with you!

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