About Antina

Antina Promotions is your trusted partner in creating unique and memorable customer experiences.

What We Do

We believe promotional items are useful advertising tools IF and ONLY IF they are used correctly. That’s why we focus on your desired outcome for your campaigns.

Sure we can help you find unique, useful and audience-relevant promotional items. However, we prefer to help you spend your marketing dollars wisely by working with you to develop campaigns that allow you to use the products to enhance your customer’s experience and drive results.

If you have used or are currently using promotional items, have you ever wondered if it was time to stop wasting your marketing dollars on promotional products because you are only buying “stuff”?

It’s OK to say “yes”.

Most businesses are not aware they need to purchase promotional items intentionally and after they have a strategy that can get you the results you want and need.

Or, they are aware they need to purchase promotional items strategically and intentionally but are not sure how to go about doing so.

Either way, there is no doubt money is being left on the table because of improper implementation of these useful and beneficial marketing tools.

The bottom line is to use promotional items strategically so you have the opportunity to achieve your goals. Goals like, increasing leads, sales and customer retention, to name a few

Not only that, by using the products the right way, you will be able to get a return on your investment and take your business to the next level.

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All the Feels

The way you make your customers feel is everything.  That’s why we specialize in customer experiences that make you more memorable to your audience.  The result?  Repeat clients and lifetime advocates for your brand.

Forward Thinking

We challenge you to unlearn everything you think you know about promotional items and start thinking of them as useful advertising tools that can help you achieve your goals. When promotional items are used correctly, not only can you achieve your goals, but you can also get a return on your investment.

Problem Solvers

What are your goals?  What are the results you are trying to achieve?  Whether your goal is to increase leads, sales or client appreciation or loyalty, we believe in helping you achieve your goals with campaigns that drive results.

Who We Do It For

We help business owners who are looking to connect with new customers to increase their leads, market effectively to increase sales and give their customers an experience to make them unforgettable.

We also work with small to medium sized organizations to help them create experiences for their internal (employees) or external clients with brand experience kits that help them reach their goals and make a great impression and not flow with status quo when it comes to “another promo item”.


Our Mission

Our Mission

To help companies and organizations create campaigns that allow them to promote with purpose, achieve their goals and grow their bottom line.

Our Vision

Our Vision

To be able to help companies develop strategic promotions that enhance the experience their clients receive. We accomplish this by providing the tools and resources they need for a successful campaign that is designed to achieve their marketing and business goals.

Our Values

Our Values

To work with clients as a dedicated advocate for their team to provide strategic and measurable campaigns that drive results.

The Antina Story

Hi! I’m Christina! After starting Antina Promotions with my husband, Andrew (the “AN” in Antina 🙂 ), we quickly noticed the value of promotional items was underestimated by many people who used them.

What we noticed is many people think it’s about buying “stuff” and getting the lowest price without even thinking twice about how the products are distributed to their audience.

This is a very dangerous approach and a great way to burn through your marketing budget!

As a result, we decided it was time to partner with our clients to help them get a return on their marketing investment. We chose to be a dedicated advocate for their brand. Determined to help them stop going through the motions of simply having something with a logo on it (to give it a home in a closet wasting marketing dollars), and start creating brand experiences for their clients.

We believe THAT is how you get results!

That’s why our focus is on helping businesses create targeted campaigns that allow them to strategically place the products into the hands of their ideal clients – creating experiences that make them unforgettable!