Helping you build unique and effective brand experiences for your customers


The most important thing we can do for you is not to sell you a product.  It is to help you achieve your marketing goals.

Have you ever wondered if it was time to stop wasting your marketing dollars on promotional items because you are only buying “stuff”?

It’s OK to say “yes”.

Most businesses are not aware they need to purchase promotional items intentionally, let alone use them with strategy that can drive results.

Or, they are aware they need to purchase promotional items strategically and intentionally, but are not sure how to go about doing so.

Either way, there is no doubt money is being left on the table because of improper implementation of these useful and beneficial marketing tools.

No worries!  Antina is here to help!

We are dedicated to helping you achieve a specific outcome or goal in your campaign so you are not wasting your marketing dollars.

Sure we can just help you find unique, useful and audience-relevant promotional items. But, we prefer to help you spend your marketing dollars wisely.

ANYONE can sell you products, but not just anyone can help you put together a well conceived, well executed campaign using promotional items that will achieve your goals.

With our help, you have the opportunity to increase leads, sales and customer retention.  Plus, you can enhance your customer’s experience, achieve your goals and become unforgettable.

Interested?  Allow us to be your PromotionAlly™!

What is PromotionAlly™

PromotionAlly™ is our signature consulting service where we help you build unique campaigns and incentive programs to positively impact your clients, and your bottom line.

Our campaigns are custom-designed specifically to help you achieve your goals and enhance your customer’s experience (we are talking high touch, high value and high impact experiences, baby!).

PromotionAlly™ is Perfect for Companies Who Are:

  • Exhibiting at a trade show (see EventMaximizer™)
  • Looking for Incentive Programs for their clients and “internal” clients (aka employees)
  • Want to generate more leads with a Lead Generation Program
  • Want to increase sales (frequency and dollar amount) with a Sales Incentive Program
  • Are looking for a Customer Loyalty Program

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