What do “Customer Loyalty”, “Haven’t Seen You in a While” or “Come Back and See us to Receive a Free Gift” Programs have in common?

The answer: Re-engagement (or, repeat purchases!)

In other words, companies who implement the programs mentioned above use these strategies to attract current customers (not prospects) back in their space to see if they are interested in doing business with them again.

Not only is it more cost effective for a company to nurture a client who has previously done business with them than to try and find a new client, it is also easier to do business with someone you have already done business with.  On both sides of the equation.

It’s easier for the customer because they have already made up their mind about you, how you do business and how you follow through after the sale.  This is known as the customer experience.  If they had a great experience with your company, the “yes” will be easier to obtain.

It’s easier for you because you have already had a few interactions with them and they are already considered, in sales terms, a warm lead.  Again, if the customer had a great experience (or “experiences”) with your company, it is even easier.

How do you engage customers who have not purchased from you in a while? Or, customers you are looking to purchase from you again, in general?

Here are a few tips. At the very base level, you want to make sure you keep lines of communication open with your customers.  This includes asking up front if they want to be subscribed to your newsletter so they can receive regular communications.

To make an even greater impact, communicating to them about special offers and campaigns tailored specifically for customers like them. These campaigns can be as simple as the ones mentioned at the beginning of this article.

Customer Loyalty Program

This is a program that can be developed to reward customers based on the frequency of purchases. “Punch Card” rewards is the most popular type of Customer Loyalty Program you may be familiar with, but there are other strategies that can be used in this type of program.

“Haven’t Seen You in a While” Program

For customers who haven’t purchased from you in a while, first, define what a “while” looks like for you.  Then decide how to reach out to customers – email is the most popular.  The premise of this strategy is to reach out and provides a friendly and light tone and also provides value to your customers.

“Come Back and See us to Receive a Free Gift” Program

This is a type of re-engagement strategy that is more than a “friendly reminder” about your company.  This type of strategy provides an incentive for customers to come back and see you.  You can provide a coupon,  a discount or any kind of offer.  My favorite, and most cost effective incentive is a branded item that will keep you top of mind without cutting into your profits.

The re-engagement programs above are only a few programs that can be implemented in your company to keep you on top of your customers minds and help you generate repeat purchases.  The key lies in providing a call to action that grabs the customers attention so they can focus on you – even if it is for a second, the impression can create a powerful impact.