You like promotional products…

You purchase promotional products…

But are they giving you the results and the return on investment you would like them to?

If your promotional products are not paying off for you, we invite you to apply for VIP Strategy Sessions with us.

Our VIP strategy sessions encompass a 4 part system, called the 4A Strategy™  – our signature process we bring clients through to get the best ROI possible on their promotional marketing activities.

The 4 part process is Assess, Action Plan, Apply, Analyze.

Basically, we work with you to create a promotional marketing campaign through strategy sessions. Not only do we help you develop a strategy for your campaign, we also help create an action plan so you can be clear on what needs to be accomplished.  Then, we provide support as you implement your plan, so, post campaign we are able to work together to analyze your results.

This is past the “liking” phase, this is the strategic method you can implement to help you gain more clients, grow your business, create awareness, drive sales and get the best ROI possible.

It this sounds like something you want (or need) to invest your marketing dollars in, we invite you fill out a short form to see if it makes sense for us to work together.

Whether you are looking to promote your product, your service, your website, generate leads and sales, recognize and motivate staff and clients, create brand awareness, drive traffic to your trade show, promotional products are the most effective marketing tool in your marketing toolbox.

That is, if you use them the right way

How can you tell you are using them the right way?  Answer the questions below…

When it comes time to purchase promotional items for your company…

Do you shop for promo items BEFORE you look at your budget and goals?

Do you see promotional items other people have and say “I like that, we want some, too”?

Does it always seem you are wasting money on pens, mugs, shirts…whatever?

If yes, read on…

In general, promotional items are easy to buy.

BUT, it is also easy to make costly mistakes –mistakes like the ones mentioned above – that can cost money, your image and your branding.

That’s why we believe incorporating promotional products into a strategic framework is something every business should do.

That’s why we partner with you to give you the tools to maximize your business results:

To help keep you from falling into these expensive traps!

With everything laid out in an easy-to-consume format, you can have a step-by-step marketing campaign that will help you get the results you want and minimize the impact on your bottom line!

Our process is simple: we help identify your marketing challenges, your target audience, your goals, and work with you to create a promotion that maximizes your results.

PLUS, we help you measure your results because every marketing strategy you use should accelerate your business while providing you a good return on your investment, and we know how to make that happen.

We’re talking effective marketing solutions to help you ultimately create a bigger and better brand.

If this is something that you think could benefit your company, apply now by clicking the button below.

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