Why Branded Apparel?

Promotional apparel is clothing decorated with a company's logo.  Companies use branded apparel to for many reasons.  They use it to make their uniform their team to help them stand out, showcase company pride, look professional, create team spirit, and more.

What promotional apparel also does, is create community when your clients start wearing your branded merch around town. The benefit?  Greater brand recognition!

When it comes to brand recognition, logoed items from t-shirts to hoodies to jackets, hats and all other wearable items are highly effective.  Why? Because consumers not only hold onto these items (instead of throwing them away), they spread the word about your company as recipients walk around wearing these items. That’s not all. There are may ways to create an experience around your branded clothing items.

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Pop-Up Store and Apparel Items

Are you tired of tracking employees down to get their shirt size on that bulk order you are trying to place? We have a solution!

With our Pop-Up stores, long gone are the days of “spreadsheets” and “Uniform Sign-Up Sheets”. With a Pop-Up store, not only do you get a single platform for employees to order their shirts, company clothing and uniforms, you can choose to keep the store “live” until a certain date. This allows you to save time and stay on track with your deadlines of placing a shirt (or other apparel) order.

Allow a Company Store to take away the hassles of the size followup…

Allow a company store to save you TIME!

Allow Antina Promotions to help!

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