6 Paw-some Promos for Pets and Vets

  • Dec 1, 2023


For vets, groomers, doggie daycares, and more, pet care is more than a hobby – it’s a lifestyle. While puppies don’t have any purchasing power, promoting your pet-centric business to dog owners is essential to building your brand. Did you know that the average pet owner spends almost $140 a month on their precious pal?

Promotional products are a great way to showcase your business and build brand recognition with your customers and potential clients. With 9 out of 10 people hanging on to the products they receive, promo products give you lasting impressions to help you grow your business. Here are six of our favorite promotional products for pets, vets, and more:

Collapsible Bowl

Pet Bowl

Between the dog park, walks around the neighborhood, and playing in the backyard, Fido is going to get thirsty. Dog owners know there’s nothing worse than being caught with a thirsty dog and no bowl for them to drink out of (and having to do the dreaded “hand bowl” for your dog to drink from). With this collapsible bowl, you can free your clients of that problem! This bowl includes a carabiner that can easily clip to a leash or belt loop, so they never get caught on a walk without a way to drink.

Doggie Bag Flashlight


Nighttime walks with Fluffy can be peaceful and a great way to bond with your pet. However, they can also be a minefield of pet waste hidden by the darkness. This clip-on flashlight not only boasts a bright beam to illuminate your customers’ paths but also holds pet waste bags, making this product the perfect 2-in-1 for dog owners. With your logo printed prominently on the flashlight, they’ll know just who to thank for the clean shoes at the end of their walk.

Dog Bone Treats

Dog Treats

For groomers and vets, getting the pet parents to love you is not challenging: you’re caring for their best friend with compassion and kindness. The tricky part is getting the dog to like you! With these convenient treats, you can hand out a promo that your customer’s dogs are going to absolutely adore. Give these to clients at appointments and instruct them to reward their pet with treats on the way to their next meeting with you. This will help them train their dog to love visiting you and make for an easier time for everyone! When dog and dog parents are happy, your brand will be happy too.

Paw Wipes

Paw Wipes

Muddy paws can ruin carpets, soil your furniture, and get all over your clothes. Help protect your potential client’s textiles with these convenient paw wipes that feature a full color, wraparound graphic area for your branding. Instead of having to frantically search for a towel when they get in from a walk, they’ll be able to simply swipe with a wipe and move on with their day.

Bone-Shaped Stress Toy

Bone Stress Toy

We all know that pet parents love their dogs, but pet ownership isn’t always a walk in the park. Between teething, random bursts of destructive energy, potty mishaps, and more, your customers might find themselves feeling pretty stressed at times. Give them an outlet for that stress with this adorable bone-shaped stress toy so they can squeeze it away! Your logo gets printed front and center on this bone, so they’ll be able to remember who helped to wash their worries away.

Tennis Ball

Tennis Ball

Oh, the tennis ball: it’s a classic favorite dog toy for a reason. These squishy, bouncy balls are the perfect size for Fluffy to retrieve and play with. Plus, there’s just something about balls that makes dogs go wild! This logoed tennis ball gives your clients endless hours of fun with their pets and gives you a memorable promotion that is sure to be one of Fluffy’s favorites.

To see what other paw-sitively awesome pet promos we have, contact us today!


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